Going Ungracefully

I'll be the old lady in the tight, purple skirt

WiW 07/21/10


Bad face day…

Very marginal style day too. It was hot – I mean hot! I don’t remember the high temp from that day (I’m writing this a week and a half later), but I believe it was at or near 100F/38C.


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WiW 07/20/10


I’m sort of iffy about this outfit. I love this skirt, but haven’t worn it in over two years. I had it altered when I lived in Jamaica and the seamstress was a little too enthusiastic with the waist darts. I finally overcame my sewing inertia and pulled out my trusty seam ripper. Newly expanded skirt in hand, I started trying blouses on. It was insanely hot, so I didn’t want to layer much, but the blouse I’m wearing as an outer layer is a little too sheer for work. I tried a number of things under it, but wasn’t really happy with any of them. I ended up with a white t-shirt and this white ruffle front blouse as a sort of cardi. Belting it didn’t work at all. I thought it was too much white on top, but by this time I really HAD to leave for work.

Suggestions for improvement? I tried a couple of scarves, but wasn’t feeling that either.

Ping Pong insisted on being in the picture, but I wish he would at least show his better side!

Shoes: nude, wedge heel, Payless
Skirt: Coral/white, Isaac Mizrahi? can’t remember
Shirt: White, Target t-shirt
Blouse: White/ruffled, thrifted

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WiW 07/19/10


I really love this outfit. I wish this could be my uniform at work, because I would happily wear it every day. I particularly like the way my glasses go with this.

Actually, that might be a fun experiment. I have this blouse in two colors. I wonder what would happen – and whether anyone would notice – if I wore this exact outfit, switching only the blouse out every other day, for an entire week? It reminds me of the Six Items or Less idea (though it really should be “six items or FEWER” – grrrrr).

I’ve been experimenting again with pin curls and 1940’s-inspired hairstyles. I really liked the way it worked out this week.

I haven’t done a clothing item listing in a long time. I have two fewer hours each day, now that my commute time has increased so dramatically. It has seriously impacted my blogging hobby. 😦

Shoes: Leopard print, flats, Target
Skirt: black, pencil skirt, AT, thrifted!
Blouse: purple, The Limited, thrifted
Belt: black, Good Will thrifted

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WiW 07/15/10


I think this sweater qualifies as a “boyfriend sweater” but I’m not sure. I think of it as a forgiving piece that covers my arms and the fact that my pants are a little too tight!

I wore Nana’s pearls doubled plus my girlfriend pearls to get a layered look and kept the rest simple.  The simple part was mostly the result of not laying out my clothes the night before and then running late in the morning. 🙂

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WiW 07/14/10


It’s hot, so let’s keep this simple!

P.S. I got to work and realized I had nowhere to clip my badge. I had a lanyard and just got a wild hair to try to drop it onto my waist. It worked and I got several compliments on the idea!

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WiW 07/13/10


Back into the saddle:

Bonus!!!!! I’m in love!

Meet my new sweetie, Ping-Pong, a rescued Pekingese. He is the sweetest thing ever and I truly can’t imagine what would cause someone to give him up, but I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to give him a loving home.

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Nordies 06/10 Seychelles


From Angie’s recommendations here

Item # 25 on Angie’s list – Seychelles Veronica T-Strap

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Nordies 06/10 MK knit dress

From Angie’s recommendations here

Item # 5 on Angie’s list – MK knit dress

On me:
The dress…. I’m hemming and hawing. I won’t keep it if it won’t be ok for work. Is it a wee bit too short for work? Plus, I’m still struggling with ant abdomen. That belly pooch won’t go away until I lose about 5 to 7 pounds more. If it looks too gross, pleasepleaseplease do tell me. BTW, I added the belt. I didn’t like it without it.

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Nordies 06/10 Fidji shoes

from Angie’s recommendations here

Item #31 on Angie’s list – Fidji pumps

On me:
The shoes. I’m pretty sure these will go back. They fit fine, but that pointed toe is not very comfy for me. I walked around the house and was grimacing, and that’s probably enough of a sign. I suspect they’d adjust to my foot a bit, but I don’t love them enough to find out. Plus, I can’t believe they are really 1 3/4″ heels… They feel completely flat when I have them on. I do prefer to be lifted a bit more.

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Nordies 06/10 bomber

From Angie’s recommendations here.

Item #2 on Angie’s list – Pleather bomber

On me:

I’m not so sure about the jacket. From the front it’s fine, but from the side it looks like a tent.

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