Going Ungracefully

I'll be the old lady in the tight, purple skirt

Nordies 06/12/10 Karen Kane #1

From Angie’s recommendations here

Item #6 on Angie’s list – Karen Kane wash-n-wear

On me, I didn’t like it so much. It draped in a flattering way over my hips and showed lots of cleavage (fine with me), but it didn’t come back into my mid-section enough to suit me. I think that adds pounds to me and I was uncomfortable with the look. It’s also a bit short on me. I’m nearly 176cm or a bit more than 5’9″. This was size medium.


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Nordies 06/10 Seychelles


From Angie’s recommendations here

Item # 25 on Angie’s list – Seychelles Veronica T-Strap

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Nordies 06/10 MK knit dress

From Angie’s recommendations here

Item # 5 on Angie’s list – MK knit dress

On me:
The dress…. I’m hemming and hawing. I won’t keep it if it won’t be ok for work. Is it a wee bit too short for work? Plus, I’m still struggling with ant abdomen. That belly pooch won’t go away until I lose about 5 to 7 pounds more. If it looks too gross, pleasepleaseplease do tell me. BTW, I added the belt. I didn’t like it without it.

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Nordies 06/10 Fidji shoes

from Angie’s recommendations here

Item #31 on Angie’s list – Fidji pumps

On me:
The shoes. I’m pretty sure these will go back. They fit fine, but that pointed toe is not very comfy for me. I walked around the house and was grimacing, and that’s probably enough of a sign. I suspect they’d adjust to my foot a bit, but I don’t love them enough to find out. Plus, I can’t believe they are really 1 3/4″ heels… They feel completely flat when I have them on. I do prefer to be lifted a bit more.

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Nordies 06/10 bomber

From Angie’s recommendations here.

Item #2 on Angie’s list – Pleather bomber

On me:

I’m not so sure about the jacket. From the front it’s fine, but from the side it looks like a tent.

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Our Foster Baby, Star

This beautiful 3-year-old Great Pyrenees has been our foster dog for about six weeks. I can’t believe how much she has perked up in that time. She’s really sweet and so loving. When we take her out with her sign, we can’t walk two feet – literally – without being mobbed. Lots of oohs and aahs but no real offers yet.

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WiW 06/01/10

WiW 06/01/10

Back to the work-a-day world after a long weekend. Sigh. I got two completely unsolicited compliments on my hair, which I thought was odd… it’s just a pony tail! This is a rather styled pony tail though, and actually took quite a bit of work. It’s not easy to hairspray into submission all of my fly-away baby hairs.

I’m wearing a sweater-set over a colorful dress, belted and with a knotted strand of pearls. I kept things mostly simple and delicate, which is not my usual style, but I think it worked.

Notice anything unsual about this picture? hehehehe

by the way – the reason I wore the sweater over the sweater shell is that the bust darts/seaming on the dress showed through the sweater in a rather unfortunate way. It made it appear that I had 2 low-hanging nipples on each breasty. I thought the outer sweater fixed that problem but I can see in the picture that it did not entirely eliminate it.


No wonder so many people were hanging out at my desk …   ]:-/

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WiW 05/17/10

WiW 05/17/10

This is a very late posting of an outfit! I wanted to record it though, because I think this is a potential interview outfit. I don’t like the idea of wearing a full matchy-matchy suit to an interview.

Just a remix of my usual stuff. 🙂

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2010 Summer Garden update 06/01

Look! Look! I grew actual food!

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WiW 05/16/10

WiW 05/16/10

We went back to Artsplosure today, but this time we took the dogs. Our foster dog, Star, had a sign on her harness that said, “Adopt me!” and I made some business cards for her. One Great Pyrenees gets a lot of attention. Two Pyrs get twice as much attention. Two pyrs, one with a neon-green sign, get TONS of attention. We couldn’t look at any of the artists’ booths because we were completely mobbed by people at the event. We’d walk a few steps and another crowd would descend upon us.  We had two people who seemed seriously and genuinely interested in her. We’ll just have to wait and see!

I went with cool and comfy today, wearing white leather Keds with my Liz Golf dress. I felt like it needed a little oomph, so I threw on a scarf.

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