Going Ungracefully

I'll be the old lady in the tight, purple skirt

2010 Summer Wardrobe?

I do things impulsively sometimes, like seeing a skirt and blouse I like in Target and then buying all iterations of them so that I don’t have to think about what to wear for the rest of the summer. Sheesh! Like I won’t get sick of these after a few weeks!

Oh – um, I didn’t comb my hair. Like, at all. At least I blurred out my bleary-eyed face!

So, is this a flattering basic summer walk-about outfit for doing touristy things? Different shoes, hopefully, if I can find some before I leave for holiday.


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Nordies 06/12/10 Karen Kane #1

From Angie’s recommendations here

Item #6 on Angie’s list – Karen Kane wash-n-wear

On me, I didn’t like it so much. It draped in a flattering way over my hips and showed lots of cleavage (fine with me), but it didn’t come back into my mid-section enough to suit me. I think that adds pounds to me and I was uncomfortable with the look. It’s also a bit short on me. I’m nearly 176cm or a bit more than 5’9″. This was size medium.

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Nordies 06/10 Seychelles


From Angie’s recommendations here

Item # 25 on Angie’s list – Seychelles Veronica T-Strap

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Nordies 06/10 MK knit dress

From Angie’s recommendations here

Item # 5 on Angie’s list – MK knit dress

On me:
The dress…. I’m hemming and hawing. I won’t keep it if it won’t be ok for work. Is it a wee bit too short for work? Plus, I’m still struggling with ant abdomen. That belly pooch won’t go away until I lose about 5 to 7 pounds more. If it looks too gross, pleasepleaseplease do tell me. BTW, I added the belt. I didn’t like it without it.

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Nordies 06/10 Fidji shoes

from Angie’s recommendations here

Item #31 on Angie’s list – Fidji pumps

On me:
The shoes. I’m pretty sure these will go back. They fit fine, but that pointed toe is not very comfy for me. I walked around the house and was grimacing, and that’s probably enough of a sign. I suspect they’d adjust to my foot a bit, but I don’t love them enough to find out. Plus, I can’t believe they are really 1 3/4″ heels… They feel completely flat when I have them on. I do prefer to be lifted a bit more.

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Nordies 06/10 bomber

From Angie’s recommendations here.

Item #2 on Angie’s list – Pleather bomber

On me:

I’m not so sure about the jacket. From the front it’s fine, but from the side it looks like a tent.

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WiW 05/01&03/2010

WiW 05/01/10 & 05/03/10

So I saw this dress at Target and it was so, so pretty and flowy and flouncy and ruffly and cheap! On clearance for under US$13, it was something I couldn’t resist.

I’m feeling like it’s a lovely dress – for someone else’s body. I love the way it looks on the hanger and I”m pretty happy with how it looks when I see it in the mirror, but I’m pretty unhappy with how it looks in the pictures. I’m not sure what’s wrong. I don’t worry about things that emphasize my bosom nor do I do things to try to “minimize” them.  I know the ruffles are something bigger-breasted women might usually avoid, but I’m not usual. 🙂

No, it’s something else about this that bothers me. Could it be the empire waist? Is that what this is called? It has a seam just under the bust with a fabric tie that goes around just at that point and then the dress flows out in a slight A-line from that seam. Why am I not happy with this? What do you think?

version 1: casual shopping Saturday, no cami underneath, leggings, cool custom-made sandals

Version 2: For work on Monday, no leggings, peep-toe nudish heels, cami under, new-look cardi
(p.s. I tried belting the cardi but it wasn’t working and I was uncomfortable)

Here’s a more up-close look at the top part. Yikes – my bust looks saggy or something. I promise you that I am wearing a good, supportive bra and that my boobs are NOT saggy.

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03/09/10 Hot or Not?

April from the YouLookFab forums alerted us to a super sale on some Jones New York shirts in the online store of a Northern U.S. department sale. The price was so good that I couldn’t pass it up.

I was a little unhappy with the customer service. Most stores send a confirmation email, then let you know if something is out of stock, then let you know when your order has been processed, then tell you when it’s shipped.

This store didn’t do any of that. It took 24 hours for me to get the order confirmation email. Two days later I received an invoice email. Apparently one of the shirts I ordered was out of stock, but the only indication I had of that was that there were two items listed on the invoice instead of three.

At first I thought maybe I’d done the ordering process incorrectly. I went to the website to search for that shirt and it was now listed as being out of stock (though it wasn’t on the evening of my purchase).

Four days after I received the second email I received the package.

I think I like the white shirt ok, but the purple shirt is a disaster. The out-of-stock item was a duplicate of the purple, so I guess it’s just as well. I’m not sure what to do with it.

I bought the shirts because of the low price. If I return the purple shirt, it effectively raises the price of my white shirt substantially.

This is why I don’t buy clothes online very often. 😦

P.S. I don’t blame April! I was thrilled to get a deal and should have known better than to try to order shirts online for my hard-to-fit frame.

I think this white shirt is passable, but I”m not sure. The sleeves are too short, that’s for sure. I’ll need to have them on permanent scrunch status.

OMG – hideous to the power of hideous! Check out my apparent beer belly and bulbous boobs!

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02/12/10 Hot or Not?

I like both outfits but which should I wear Friday? I’ll be at work during the day and then off to volunteer at a Dress for Success event.

Notes: I would be wearing the same La Canadienne boots with either outfit. The lighting + flash did something weird to the color on the pink sweater in the photo on the left. In real life it’s a uniform color. I won’t be wearing my hair in pigtails 😉

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Hot or Not? 01/12/10

I’m meeting Boy Toy at his office tomorrow after work and we’re going out to dinner and a movie. I like to look extra-hot on weekdays when I’ll be going to his office.  One thing I know about men is they love to feel like the hottest girl is on their arm.

Now, there’s no denying that Boy Toy loves me for lots of reasons other than what I do or do not look like, but I know it gives him a thrill when we walk into a room and heads turn.

(pssst – it gives me a thrill too!)

Here is my potential head-turning outfit for tomorrow.

Hot or Not? 01/12/2010

Hot or Not? 01/12/2010

What do you think? Hot or Not? If you want to be brutally honest but are shy about it, leave an anonymous comment. It’s ok, I can take it!

P.S. Which coat? the black quilted one fits very closely and is very flattering but the other one is really, really warm and we’ll be walking outside downtown.

Which coat?

Which coat?

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