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A Tale of Two Bags

I bought these two cross-body bags today at Kohl’s. I was planning to carry my pink Coach cross-body on holiday, but it’s my favorite bag and I’d hate for anything to happen to it. Plus, it’s a bit bigger than I wanted to haul around.

So – I couldn’t decide between these two, so I bought them both and took pictures so the world could help me decide. LOL!

My goal for a vacation handbag is that it will go with everything I’m going to wear the whole time (I’m not taking up precious space in luggage with extra handbags!), it needs to be big enough to handle all-day touring paraphernalia, and it needs to be small enough to not make me hate it at the end of a long day.

The bigger one is, well ….. bigger. It has plenty of room for all my junk plus a bottle of water. I also love the color, as it’s different from any other bag I have.

The smaller one is big enough to carry everything I need but not everything I want. There is not enough room to tote water. On the other hand, it’s very compact and will force me to be resourceful. It won’t weigh me down after a whole day of slogging around the city.

What do you think? (I only took upclose pics of the smaller bag. Does that tell you something about which one I favor?)


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