Going Ungracefully

I'll be the old lady in the tight, purple skirt

WiW 05/01&03/2010

WiW 05/01/10 & 05/03/10

So I saw this dress at Target and it was so, so pretty and flowy and flouncy and ruffly and cheap! On clearance for under US$13, it was something I couldn’t resist.

I’m feeling like it’s a lovely dress – for someone else’s body. I love the way it looks on the hanger and I”m pretty happy with how it looks when I see it in the mirror, but I’m pretty unhappy with how it looks in the pictures. I’m not sure what’s wrong. I don’t worry about things that emphasize my bosom nor do I do things to try to “minimize” them.  I know the ruffles are something bigger-breasted women might usually avoid, but I’m not usual. 🙂

No, it’s something else about this that bothers me. Could it be the empire waist? Is that what this is called? It has a seam just under the bust with a fabric tie that goes around just at that point and then the dress flows out in a slight A-line from that seam. Why am I not happy with this? What do you think?

version 1: casual shopping Saturday, no cami underneath, leggings, cool custom-made sandals

Version 2: For work on Monday, no leggings, peep-toe nudish heels, cami under, new-look cardi
(p.s. I tried belting the cardi but it wasn’t working and I was uncomfortable)

Here’s a more up-close look at the top part. Yikes – my bust looks saggy or something. I promise you that I am wearing a good, supportive bra and that my boobs are NOT saggy.


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