Going Ungracefully

I'll be the old lady in the tight, purple skirt

WiW 04/17/10


This first outfit is very casual on purpose. I was headed out to shop for shoes and clothing, so I wanted to wear things that were very easy to slip on and off. I would like to note that my shoes are NOT flip flops. NO, NO, NO, NO they are not! They are merely casual sandals without a strap across the back. 🙂

I wore no jewelry and carried a very small cross-body bag to free up my hands for looking at stuff!

Sandals: Rockport
Pants: Tan, H&M, thrifted
Shirt: Orange, Casual Corner, thrifted
Sash: Green/multi-colored, thrifted
Crossbody bag: A cool little hand-woven bamboo bag I bought when I lived in Jamaica

I bought 4 pairs of shoes but ran out of time before I could look at clothes.

In the evening we went to the Turkish Festival, so I wanted to be casual but less casual than earlier. This dress is one I bought in a little boutique in Jamaica and it was an A-line right from the top. I hated that but loved the color and pattern so I had my seamstress alter it pretty significantly to better skim my curves.

I love this dress but every time I wore it I would tug on it and feel paranoid every time I got out of a chair that it would stick to me and my bum would be hanging out. It never occurred to me before I found ylf that I could just wear leggings under it! I bought these leggings today at target on clearance for $4.20. Ka-ching! I love a good deal. The shoes are new from Payless. They are shiny gold but my reflection in them in the picture makes them look like there is a pattern on them. There isn’t!

Wearing the shawl

Wearing the shawl

Shoes: Shiny gold, Montego Bay Club, Payless
Leggings: Black, capri-length, Target
Dress: Blue/multi-colored, Co-Me Como, boutique
Shawl: White, semi-sheer, from Ethiopia
Jewelry: My shinyest shiny gold – I figured that would work well for and fit in at the festival and I was right

Gold Sandals

Gold Sandals


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  1. I love that dress – and the leggings look great!! I think that look really works for you. I’m like you that I never even thought of leggings with shorter dresses – but like I said, this really works!!

    Comment by Brenda | April 19, 2010 | Reply

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