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Back After a Long Absence + a WiW

I have not been able to post in some weeks and I may not be able to post regularly again just yet, but today I felt inspired.

Boy Toy, the kids and I went to the Renaissance Faire today. We had a lovely time – all of us! It was such a huge stress relief. Truly, I can’t tell you how good it was for all of us.

There was a great band performing – Mother Grove. I think they are from Indiana but they must travel to North Carolina with some frequency because they perform at some of our Irish pub places down here.

This picture was taken in the Tir na nOg tent:

The high temperature today was set to be around 67F (19.5C). I was worried I might be cold, because I am cold almost all the time (I have problems with severe anemia)! I ended up not wearing the jacket around at the faire, and I was miserably cold at first. After an hour of walking around in the direct sun though, I warmed up!

The denim jacket is the first I’ve owned since the mid-1980s, when I was a teenager. I think Angie said we all need a denim jacket, so I was on the hunt for one. I found this St. John’s Bay model at a Good Will for $6.99. I didn’t discover until I got home that it is actually a petite, but it seems to fit me ok. The silly little handbag was also a Good Will find. I like it because it is really kitschy and fun. I tucked the short handles inside to make it a proper cross-body bag.

A Quirky Little Handbag

(click on pic to see a bigger version)

My shoes are also really odd, though you can’t really tell from the picture. Let me take a quick pic of them:

Weirdest Shoes Ever

Weirdest Shoes Ever

They are dusty and have pollen all over them – sorry for that! But, yes, your big toe goes on one side and the rest of your toes go on the other, like flip-flops. But they are close-toed and have a small edge around the heel. I bought these a couple of years ago. They were the only pair on the shelf in a TJ Maxx. I have never seen them on another person and they definitely generate conversation every time I wear them!

All in all, today was the best day I’ve had in a long time.Ā  I’m tired but happy. šŸ™‚


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