Going Ungracefully

I'll be the old lady in the tight, purple skirt

WiW 02/14/10


Happy Valentine’s Day to my Boy Toy!

He’d told me a month ago that he’d booked us for a special, limited seating wine tasting dinner at a mystery location. How fun is that? I didn’t know where we were going until we pulled into the parking lot. The dinner was at a locally well-known place called the Angus Barn, and this was a seating for 14 couples in the wine cellar. It was fabulous and the wine was just divine. My favorite wine of the evening was a 2007 Michael David Petite Petit. Second favorite was a 2007 Hugel Gewurztraminer. I guess 2007 was a good year all over the world!

He’s so good to me!



(P.S. we’re the same height, but I really fancy 4-inch heels. He never complains, bless his heart!)

I really, really struggled with what to wear. I’d committed to not buying a new outfit, as I have plenty of dressy stuff in my closet. I tried on all of my usual, super-sexy dresses but as I suspected, none were looking quite right. Curse the heavens for making me severely bloated and pre-menstrual on Valentine’s day!

I finally decided on these skirt-like pants along with a top that says “I HAVE BOOBS!”

The pants are from Cache and are sheer black pants topped with a front and back panel of the same sheer material on each leg. This gives it very flowy movement and the barest idea that if you look closely enough while I’m walking, you might see something. I love clothes that tease!

The addition of the jacket was truly last-minute. I had a filmy black wrap to wear, but just wasn’t happy with it. I tried on the jacket out of desperation (I was already at Boy Toy’s house with no time to go back to my place to rummage through the closet). I think it worked pretty well.

WiW 02/14/10

Click on Pic to see a bigger version

Shoes: Purple ruffled Madden Girl 4-inchers
Pants: Cache, black sheer multi-layered
Blouse: shiny, gold, animal print tackiness!
Jacket: Oh, you know which jacket this is
Jewelry: none. damn it to hell, I’d gotten dressed at Boy Toy’s house and left my jewelry at home
Lipstick : MAC Russian Red. As if anything else could have been appropriate?

A few more detail pics:

Click to see a bigger version

Click to see a bigger version

Click to see a bigger version


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