Going Ungracefully

I'll be the old lady in the tight, purple skirt

WiW 02/08/10


Do these booties look good with this outfit?  You’ll have to click the picture to see a bigger version to really see the boots.

I wanted some leg covering with interest. I wish I’d had some colored tights to wear under the fishnets. I think the black boots, black tights, and black sweater is a lot of black but I’m not yet good enough at the color/pattern mixing business to do something else.

WiW 2010/02/07

WiW 2010/02/08

I had to edit this because I must have been high when I posted this picture with the idea that it was flattering.  My chest looks like some kind of massive , shapeless inflatable device and the front of the sweater is hiked up way too much, giving me a 5-months-pregnant sort of pooch effect. I looked at this outfit from every angle and was quite pleased with it overall.  I’m irritated that this is the picture I chose to represent it. Grrrr.

Boots: LC black suede
Tights: plain black tights with fishnets layered over
Skirt: AT, thrifted
shirt/sweater: Fun knits from TJ Maxx




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