Going Ungracefully

I'll be the old lady in the tight, purple skirt

North Carolina’s First YLF Rendezvous

The first North Carolina YLF meetup was a great success!

Rose and Jen

Rose and Jen

Rose is just delightful. She’s wicked smart and shares my obsession with potato chips.

We talked and talked, had a snack and a margarita to fortify us, and then embarked on a marathon shopping expedition at TJ Maxx.

It was so much fun to have a shopping buddy. We both came away with new items, though I have to admit that my receipt was a lot longer than Rose’s! Watch for a separate goodies post.

I look forward to doing it again, Rose!

Rose & Jen

Rose & Jen

As you can see, Rose is tall but just as petite and delicate as can be. I showed Boy Toy this photo and said, “I look like a big, stupid giant next to her!” He laughed at me.

Ok, so maybe “big, stupid giant” is a bit harsh, but there is certainly lots to admire about Rose!


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