Going Ungracefully

I'll be the old lady in the tight, purple skirt

Pants! (And what’s wrong with this outfit?)

I’m very excited about my shopping expedition last night. I went to my favorite consignment shop and bought a number of items.

What's wrong with this outfit?

Check it out!!! Pants that are undeniably long enough, even with my heels on. They are even a bit too long.

However, I’m clearly not styling this correctly. I thought it looked good in the mirror, but I’m really unhappy with the photos. I’m getting that “dumpy” vibe from the jacket. This is a suit jacket and has three belt loops at approximately natural waistline for a fabric belt that came with it. I replaced that with this gold chain belt, and didn’t button the jacket. Maybe the jacket is too short? That sucks, because I don’t have anything comparable to wear instead, and I was hoping to wear this outfit tomorrow.

The blouse is really cute and pulls just a tiny bit over the bosom. That’s easily remedied with a bit of double-stick tape. I have this blouse in this beautiful red as well as a truly regal purple.

It’s too cold in my office to wear the shirt without a long-sleeved layer. Suggestions? Could I possibly wear something under it? If so, what? I don’t think I have a cardi or sweater that would look nice with these jewel-tones.


January 6, 2010 - Posted by | Hot-or-Not |


  1. I think you look nice! Really, a great outfit and flattering. I would only make 1 small suggestion. Change the belt. Try the fabric one that came with it or a solid black. The belt seems to look too big for you.

    Just a suggestion. I’m new here, but wanted to pass along the comment. Love the suit!

    Comment by Sherry | January 9, 2010 | Reply

    • Wow! You’re my very first commenter! Congratulations, you are the lucky winner of …. the First Commenter Award!

      Your prize is that you’ll always have a special place in my heart ;-0

      Thanks for the compliment. I did end up wearing the jacket without the belt at all, and worn open. I think it was ok, but I’m hunting a great fitted blazer.

      Comment by Going Ungracefully | January 9, 2010 | Reply

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