Going Ungracefully

I'll be the old lady in the tight, purple skirt

WiW 01/02/10

My first WiW post for 2010! I wish I had something better to post!

I do have something nice first. I normally blur my face and I do that for a couple of reasons:

1. I don’t want to stress about my facial expression or whether I have my makeup on yet.

2. I feel a little weird about someone randomly finding one of my photos. I’ve made this blog non-searchable, so I imagine that the only people who will see it are folks from the YLF forums or another similar blog community.

With that, I have a little brag photo to share! This is a picture of my two gorgeous sons and I on Christmas this year. The one on the left is 20 years old and is a musician. The one on the right is my baby boy, who just turned 18. Until a week ago he had a mohawk. I guess he’s decided to go with a new look. I actually loved it when he had the mohawk dyed blue and up in its full glory, but it’s not very practical.

Click on pictures to see a larger version

Chandler, Jenny and Forrest, Christmas 2009

Chandler, Jenny and Forrest, Christmas 2009

On to the WiW!

I don’t have much in the way of photos for the weekend because I spent most of it sick in bed! Today I felt well enough to get up and ride out to the propane fill station.

This is my ultra-hip outfit (snort) which no one saw because I was inside the vehicle with my coat on.

This isn’t exactly dressy, but I feel good in it because I think it shows off my best features.

By the way, I’ve had these jeggings for at least three years. When I bought them they weren’t mainstream fashion in the U.S. yet, I don’t think. These aren’t the best example of jeggings, but I’m glad I hadn’t thrown them in the Good Will bag!

WiW 01/02/10

WiW 01/02/10

Boots: Harley
Leggings: bought while I lived overseas from some little shop
Sweater: Probably Ross or TJ Maxx

I wore some big funky earrings and lavender leather gloves with my big, warm coat.

I asked Boy Toy what he thought of the boots with the outfit and he was afraid to tell me he didn’t like it. What he did say was, “Well, the boots REALLY stand out.”

I’m really not one of those women who gets upset about something like that. If I ask for an opinion I want an honest one. We may or may not agree, but that’s ok!

What I wondered about was the dark blue sweater with light blue leggings (trying the dark top/light bottom that someone suggested for me) plus black boots. Does it look wrong? Truth please!

What kind of accessories would go with this outfit?


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