Going Ungracefully

I'll be the old lady in the tight, purple skirt

WiW 12/29-31 2009

I’ve had a miserable cold since last weekend, so I’m surprised I took any photos at all.



WiW 12/29/09

Click on pictures to see a larger version

I need to find a better way to do self portraits, because these are always blurry. I have to set the self timer and it pre-focuses on the wall or something.

I also cut off my feet!

Shoes: probably some black shiny mary jane flats I have
pants: black pants from a suit
shirt: Maroon long-sleeved blouse from TJ Maxx
sweater: Thick black cardi from TJ

I thought this looked ok when I looked in the mirror, but I can see that it’s way too dark. I look morose. On the other hand, I felt morose, so I suppose that’s fitting.



I didn’t have time to take a photo in the morning and forgot to before I undressed when I got home from work. I wore a plain old brown suit. Boring and entirely forgettable.


WiW 12/31/09

Still sick and miserable, but I felt the need to cheer myself up by wearing something more fun. I was way too sick to go out to a party or anything, so this was my pushing-the-envelope work outfit. Boy Toy and I went to dinner and then I changed into my sick uniform: sweatpants and a long-sleeved t-shirt and I’ve been in that ever since.

The color is so different in these two shots. The one on the right shows the color more accurately.

Shoes: brown shooties (I’m wearing those things out this season!)
Tights: Yummy, warm, thick ribbed tights. I’ve had them for ages and don’t remember where I bought them.
Dress: TJ Maxx

I added a belt and tomato-colored cardi for work. I thought it made it seem a bit less, uh, figure-enhancing:


WiW 12/13/09 Work Version

Belt: Awsome thrift store find
cardi: Target


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