Going Ungracefully

I'll be the old lady in the tight, purple skirt

WiW 12/25-28

I spent the whole week at my boyfriend’s house to lessen the schlepping involved in multiple family obligations around the 25th of December. I ended up recycling a lot of outfits, so I won’t bore you with repeat pictures here, but will link to them so that I may relive the fun later.

I’m not a Christian but Boyfriend is a most devout Lutheran. They seem to be a serious and Lake Wobegon-ish bunch, but not pushy, so I consent to accompanying him to church every once in a great while.

Christmas Eve midnight service is one of those times. I always stress out about what to wear to these functions. I wore my DVF black wrap dress (as seen here) with a green cardi, patterned tights and my $1 boots.

December 25 was a whirlwind of activity with his family and mine so I went with comfort, recycling this outfit.

December 26 I refused to leave the house, so I wore homeclothing all day – no pictures of that! I was embarrassingly unglamorous.

December 27 I bowed out of another church invitation but was already obligated to do family time with Boyfriend again and recycled this outfit, but with $1 boots instead of the Harleys. I also wore this pink shawl as a scarf (not knotted, just thrown around my neck) and hot pink knit gloves. I got lots of compliments all around!



Today I paired my purple turtleneck with my mini-striped suit jacket and brown pants.

WiW December 28, 2009

WiW December 28, 2009

Click on picture to see a larger version

I can see that the jacket is pulling a bit. I’m really hard to fit. I have thin shoulders, a small waist, really big bijongas, plus I’m tall. That’s why I wear knits. A lot. I still have the problem of shirt length and arm-length but knits can usually stretch where they need to stretch.

Even though these pants aren’t quite the magical right length for these shoes, they bunch up and pool over the top of my shoe. What’s up with this? How can pants be long enough with high heels but not bunch up in the front if they’re not hemmed at an angle?

p.s. my hair is NOT that weird yellow color. I don’t have good lighting available.


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