Going Ungracefully

I'll be the old lady in the tight, purple skirt

Legwarmer Trauma

Angie’s blog today is about legwarmers, and whether they are a fashion yay or nay.

I have a funny story to tell about legwarmers!


I was interested in fashion, glamour, makeup, etc. from a very early age, but I had no older sisters or cousins to help me and my mother dressed in beige, doing her best to just blend into the walls and carpet. this led to some pretty questionable fashion, hair and makeup choices.

I grew up in a small town in the South (of the U.S.) and fashion forward in the early 80’s meant wearing super tight Jordache jeans and O.P. t-shirts.

I bought an outfit at the mall when I was in 6th or 7th grade (1981 or thereabouts) that consisted of a purple/sweatshirt grey striped knit shirt, mini-skirt and matching legwarmers.

I was absolutely the very first person in my county to wear a pair of legwarmers, and I’ll never, ever forget the first day I wore them. All the kids laughed at me, called me a hooker, and said things like, “where do you think you are? New York?”

I felt such shame and humiliation but you know what? I kept those darn legwarmers on the whole day and held my head up, sashaying around like I was hot stuff, even though I certainly didn’t feel like I was!

By the next season, guess what? Legwarmers all around. I was torn between feeling vindicated and feeling vengeful.

And that, my friends, is a story that has repeated itself over and over in my life with my fashion choices! I don’t always make the right choices but I make a statement.

I think I’ll go buy some legwarmers.


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